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Lisapharma is a society in continuous evolution, in step with the times and sensitive to environmental issues. We firmly believe in everything we do and Treebu’s proposal to adopt trees from Paulownia immediately fascinated us, deeply convinced that it is now time to act with concrete actions for the protection of our planet.

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Why Paulownia?

Rapid growth

Paulownia is the fastest-growing plant in the world, it reaches maturity in about 6/8 years. This growth is due to a very efficient photosynthetic cycle, which is normally that of annual herbs and not of stem trees.

Absorption of CO2

Paulownia is able to absorb up to 10 times more CO2 than other tree species, about 100kg/year considering also the root mass.

Multiple environmental benefits

Paulownia cleans the soil of hydrocarbons and heavy metals, increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil and encouraging the proliferation of pollinators. Its cultivation is low impact, as it does not require phytosanitary treatment or chemical fertilization.

Phoenix tree

It is part of the so-called “phoenix trees”, as it is able to grow back independently from the trunk cut at the base, ensuring up to 4 cycles of vegetation and cutting without the need for replanting.

Sustainable timber

Paulownia produces precious wood that can be applied in different sectors: construction, shipbuilding, furniture, and packaging. It is also used to make musical instruments and surfboards.

Selected by the agronomists

We plant a sterile clone of a hybrid between different pure species, to zero the risk of invasiveness and select the best growth, carbon absorption and wood quality characteristics among different subspecies.

Paulownia is a valuable ally in fighting decarbonization and reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Our method, combining science and innovation, allows to amplify the environmental and social benefits over time.

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